Hammer and sickle cap

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On the cap

The hammer and sickle, one of the symbols of our class, is embroidered on the front of this cap.


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Our Guarantee:

If our pieces don't live up to your expectations, we insist that you tell us.

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On the message

The hammer and sickle represent the unity of the oppressed and exploited classes.

Across the globe peasants and workers struggle against the conditions that capitalism and imperialism challenge us with.

To the people, this symbol represents pride, struggle, and dedication.

Represent our class with pride comrade!

Our mission

Profits, if there are any, are used to produce educational materials and propaganda that promote the struggle against exploitation and oppression.

Our primary purpose is to provide comrades with stunning pieces that strengthen our pride and morale.

Each item serves as a propaganda tool, that enables you to boldly represent our cause.