Anti-fascist handwraps

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On the handwraps

The handwraps measure 5 meters, in order to maximally protect your hands.

The material is 90% cotton, 10% elastan, giving the material a slight stretch.


The wraps are freely shipped to your home.

They will be send unrolled as this allow us to ship them without charging you any additional costs.

On the message

Fascism must be fought wherever it’s encountered.

Let’s form a red front on our schools, the workplace and most importantly in the streets.

Never again.

Our mission

Profits, if there are any, are used to produce educational materials and propaganda that promote the struggle against exploitation and oppression.

Our primary purpose is to provide comrades with stunning pieces that strengthen our pride and morale.

Each shirt serves as a propaganda tool, that enables you to boldly represent our cause.